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We are Tim & Denise Striggow, owners of Replication Devices in Tampa, Florida. We are the third generation of the Irwin family to own and operate the Mold A Rama machines. Mold A Rama Machines have been in existance since the 1960's, starting in the 1964 World's Fair and then traveling around the country visiting the Sinclair Oil Company Gas Stations. Our grandparents purchased a large portion of the Mold A Rama machines from the company that manufactured them in the early 1960's. They would travel to fairs and zoos around the North Eastern United States. During our childhood we would go along to "help" and eventually Tim traveled with our grandparents and truly worked. Tim has operated and later owned Mold A Rama machines since he was 13. In May of 2004, we purchased Replication Devices, which is the Mold A Rama Machines that are located in Central Florida, from our uncle. Many visitors to museums and zoos remember the machines from childhood. The waxy plastic toys make a great souvenir to have and just the right price for Mom and Dad. They are now being traded across the country! The new generation operates under S & S Souvenirs, Inc. We do have the Mold A Rama machines available to place in your location, lease or purchase a piece of nostalgia to place in your location. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information on buying, leasing or for placement in your location. Thank you for letting us share with you some of our memories of the Mold A Rama machines. These machines have been an important part of our lives.

Thank you,

Tim and Denise Striggow

Phone: (813)622-7050
Toll Free: (800)562-2047


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